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You could get £140 off your energy bill with the 2017-18 Warm Home Discount.

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I really like the way the council is aiming to keep the bills low year after year…

I really like the way the council is aiming to keep the bills low year after year…

How did you hear about Fairerpower?

My previous energy tariff was coming to an end, and when I was looking into alternatives online, I noticed Fairerpower was especially for Cheshire residents.

Who were you with previously?

Scottish Power.

What made you switch?

I have a small apartment that’s all electric, and as I like to keep it warm all year energy is one of my biggest bills. Switching to Fairerpower will save me £228 this year, but what I particularly liked was the fact that the Council will make sure I’m still on one of the lowest tariffs around in future years too. It means I shouldn’t have to keep switching to make sure I’m not paying more than I should.

What would you say to other residents about Fairerpower?

Look into switching as soon as you can – why pay more for your energy than you need to?

Mr Wilcox, Alsager
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