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10 Tips to Keep Warm and Save Money this Winter

14 December 2016 | News


1. Switch your energy supplier.
If you’ve been with your energy provider for a while, there’s a good chance you haven’t got the best deal out there. Using comparison sites such as uSwitch or Comparethemarket.com will show you the best deals out there for you. If you live in Cheshire East or West you may be able to get the best deal possible from Fairerpower.co.uk – we have negotiated special tariffs with energy supplier OVO specifically for residents in this area!
Simply by switching to us, you could save over £242(1) per year.


2. Be reflective.

This tip is a classic way to keep any room nice and toasty. Place tin foil around the back or front of your radiator to ensure more heat is reflected back into the room. Simple, minimal cost but your sure to be cosy in those harsh winter nights!


3. Shut those curtains.
As the dark, cold nights draw closer, an effective way to keep warm is to draw those curtains shut! You could even invest in some thermal curtains or thermal linings for the rooms you use most – and the best thing is they aren’t that expensive. Doing this alone can reduce heat loss by up to 25%(2)!

Young woman in an hotel room looking by the window opening the curtains. She is wearing a white towel, morning sunlight coming in the room.

4. Insulate lofts and walls.
One of the cheapest ways to reduce your fuel bills is loft and cavity wall insulation. A massive 40% of heat is lost through lofts and walls alone(3)! By insulating a regular 2 bed house, you could see savings of up to £250(4).

Most heat is lost through the walls of an uninsulated house. By insulating you will not only be saving money – but you will feel a lost more comfortable and cosy! If you have cavity walls, they can be filled with insulating fibre, beads or foam. If your walls are solid, you could look at options for insulated boards to the fixed wall for a highly effective solution.
Alongside the walls, as much as 20% of your energy bill can be saved by a good loft insulation(5). Using mineral wood, fibreglass or even recycled paper products to insulate your loft space is a effective way to save yourself some money and keep your home warm. You could even do-it-yourself to keep the costs even lower…

And what’s better, you may be eligible for a grant or free insulation through your energy providers ECO scheme, meaning you can start saving right away(6).

5. Don’t leave the floorboards bare.
According to the National Energy Foundation (NEF), floors account for a whopping 10% of heat loss if they’re not insulated. Although wooden floors are extremely stylish, carpets came into being for a reason – warmth! Those of you with wooden floors can use rugs and blankets to prevent this loss, and with the added benefit of keeping your toes warm!


6. Time the central heating.
There’s plenty of mixed advice out there about when and how long you should keep your heating on for. According to The Centre for Sustainable Energy, turning on your heating at a lower heat, but a little earlier – such as 30 minutes before you hop out of bed – is significantly more cheaper than blasting the heating on full when you get up or get in! But be sure to turn it off when you’re out of the house – because then your paying for heat when you don’t need it.

The word SAVE on a digital room thermostat wearing wooly hat.

7. Move the sofa.
Positioning your sofa in front of the radiator might seem like a great way to get nice and snug, but in fact – it’s absorbing all the heat that could be warming your home! Move your radiator and let hot air to circulate freely. The same goes for your curtains or drying clothes – keep them off the radiator and make the most of this valuable heat source!


8. Time for a boiler upgrade.
Trading in your old boiler for a new, more efficient model, could be key to saving you money this winter. If your boiler is more than 10 years old, replacing could save you up to £350! New condensing boilers use a lot less energy but produce the same amount of heat.

9. Get some layers on.
Go into the depths of your wardrobe and pull out the big woolly jumpers, fluffy Christmas socks and thermals. Not only is it more eco-friendly and energy efficient to change your body temperature over the room temperature, but it’s a lot easier! So wrap up warm – inside and out of the house. Wear lots of thin layers and clothes made from cotton, wool and fleecy fibres (these are particularly good at keeping you toasty)!


10. Dig out the workout gear.
Sneaking in a workout in the evenings when the temperature is getting particularly chilly can be a great way of preventing you from the temptation of the central heating. Get your body working with a home workout DVD, a game on the Wii or just some simple home workout moves! By the time you’ve spent half an hour jumping around the living room – you’ll want to turn on the fan! So, get your workout gear on – not only will you be keeping warm and saving money, but you’ll be keeping healthy.
Here are some indoor exercises and workout you can try at home.

Woman exercising in the living room with laptop

(1) £242 is the average saving of dual-fuel customers that pay monthly and have actually switched to Fairerpower between 16/03/15 and 31/09/16; individual savings will vary according to current supplier, location, consumption and Fairerpower tariff options.
(2) http://energy.gov/energysaver/energy-efficient-window-treatments
(3) http://www.nia-uk.org/householder/index.php?page=did-you-know-facts
(4) http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/Insulation/Cavity-wall-insulation
(5) http://www.nef.org.uk/knowledge-hub/view/insulating-your-home
(6) http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/free-cavity-loft-insulation#freeinsulation

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