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Are tiny houses the way forward?    

13 July 2018 | News

Sustainable, small and cheap: the tiny house movement presents a real alternative to paying ever increasing rent charges and...

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Five simple, effective ways to tackle climate change

22 June 2018 | Blog

Climate change, it’s the buzz word of our generation, and everyday new innovative green technologies are emerging in the...

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Spring Clean Time – Turn it into an opportunity to save energy!

6 June 2018 | Blog News

    Let’s face it, cleaning isn’t the best task in the world… but along with the joys of...

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Council extends pioneering Fairerpower energy scheme to Lancashire

5 October 2017 | News

    We’re extremely excited to announce the expansion of the Fairerpower energy scheme into Lancashire, under the brand...

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Fairerpower expanding energy scheme – to help tackle fuel poverty and cut people’s bills

31 August 2017 | News

Fairerpower was formed in the belief that people were spending too much on their energy bills by not switching...

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