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A staggering £366 a year… you simply can’t ignore a saving like that!

A staggering £366 a year… you simply can’t ignore a saving like that!

How did you hear about Fairerpower?

One of my close friends mentioned that they’d switched, and it sounded so good I thought I’d find out about it for myself.

Who were you with previously?


What made you switch?

£366. I’d not realised just how much more I was paying – I’m a widower, and my husband used to take care of all that. The customer services team were so helpful, and when they said I could save that much…well, you could have knocked me down with a feather!

What would you say to other residents about Fairerpower?

I’d say ‘Don’t assume you’re getting a good deal just because you’ve been with someone for years’. Honestly, you’d be amazed how much you could save!

Mrs Jackson, Crewe
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