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Five simple, effective ways to tackle climate change

22 June 2018 | Blog

Climate change, it’s the buzz word of our generation, and everyday new innovative green technologies are emerging in the hopes of tackling it.  While some solutions are highly expensive and technical, there are many things that we can all do at home to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and reduce the impact of climate change. Here are our Top 5 suggestions:

Get involved!
Many communities have schemes running which offer difference ways you can take action – and remember – your voice matters! Take a few minutes to contact your political representatives, councils and other community groups and ask about the things they are doing to take action on climate change. Not only will reducing greenhouse gas emissions build healthier communities, but the result could spur economic innovation and create new jobs! Try schemes like FreeCycle, which reduce unwanted items going to landfill for example.

Wind Turbine

Be more energy efficient
There are many ways to become more energy efficient. A quick run down of advice includes – change light bulbs to fluorescents or LED’s , wash clothes in cold or warm water (not hot), if you use a dryer use wool dryer balls, or better yet, hang dry when you can and install a programmable thermostat. Check out our blog to see some more of our top tips to make your home more energy efficient!

Eat better
What you eat actually does impact on climate change, 18%of greenhouse gas emissions come from meat and dairy production. Buying organic and locally grown foods, avoiding processed items, growing your own food, and eating at least one meat-free meal a day are all options to reduce those emissions!

Make your commute greener!
Rather than taking your car to work, why not ride your bike? You could even start up a “ride-to-work” club and cycle in with your work besties.  Or if you can’t break away from your car, how about car sharing? Picking up some of your colleagues rather than using all the separate vehicles is a sure fire way to reduce those emissions. Other alternatives include walking, public transport, or using the smallest most fuel-efficient vehicle possible.

Free Cycle

Plant a tree
Not only is this not only the most fun option on our list, but it is the most effective in reducing global warming than all of the other methods. Trees not only give oxygen, but they take in carbon dioxide (the main source of global warming). So why make a day of it with the family and save the planet in the process?

By being just a little bit more mindful, we can all play our part in combating global warming. These easy tips could help to preserve the planet for our future generations and help us live a happier, healthier existence.

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