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What’s the deal with smart meters?

3 July 2017 | News

You’ve probably all heard the news – by the year 2020 every home will be installed with a smart meter. You may be thinking what is a smart meter and how does it benefit me? Well look no further, we’ve put together everything you need to know:

Smart meters are the latest kind of gas and electric meters set to make your life easier. Using a secure national communication network, (called the DCC), they’ll digitally send meter reading to your energy supplier automatically rather than estimating your usage.



What does it mean for me?

More accurate billing
Because your usage data goes directly to your provider, not only will your bills be more accurate, but it takes the hassle out of having to send monthly readings to your energy provider.
It’s a great way to spot patterns in how you use you’re gas and electric, so you can see where you may be using more than you need and where you could cut back and make savings.

Understand your usage
Smart meters also come with monitors which allow you to understand your energy usage. The meters ‘talk’ to you, telling you how much energy your using and when. You will gain a better understanding of how your lifestyle and habits directly impact your bill or credit. Having this information means you can make smarter decisions to save energy and money.

Switching made easy
Because your usage data is so easily accessible on the DCC network, the smart meters aim to make energy switching as quick as just half an hour! (1)

You can find out more about the government plans for smart meters and other smart info on the Smart Energy GB website.  https://www.smartenergygb.org/en

What if I’m a prepayment customer?
Smart Meters are particularly useful is you’re a prepayment meter customer as you will the ability to easily track how your usage impacts your available credit, and you will be able to make smarter decisions to save energy and money.


Smart Meters at Fairerpower

Pay Monthly
If you choose are Pay Monthly tariff with Fairerpower, you will have the option to install a smart meter subject to availability. You will be able to check availability and book installations by contacting us directly. You will also be offered an In-Home Display (IHD).

An IHD is a small electrical touch screen device. It works with your smart meter to provide you all kind of data about your energy use. The screens will show you your current use, use over the last few hours, days, weeks or even months. You can also see your usage in Kilowatt hours (kWh) or cost.

With Fairerpower, if you choose a PayG tariff you will receive a smart meter as standard along with an IHD. This IHD will help you to see how much energy your using and when, see how much credit you have left, set your self targets based upon £, co2 or kWh. You can also set LED alerts which flash red, yellow and green according to how much energy you’re using currently.

You will have the ability to go to any PayPoint to top up, and top-ups will go onto your meters automatically, so you don’t even need to put your card on the meter.

You will also have £5 emergency credit on both your gas and electric meter in case you run out at any point.

There are many benefits to installing a smart meter, and we would encourage all of our customers to make the upgrade in order to have better control over energy usage and expenditure. There are no costs associated with upgrading to a smart meter. However if your energy provider has to carry out building or engineering work because of the way the meter is sited in your harm, you may have to be charged, but this should be discussed with you before starting any work.




Fairerpower is the energy partnership formed between OVO Energy and Cheshire East Council.  Get a quote today, simply head to www.fairerpower.co.uk and you could save up to £100(2) on your annual bill.

(1) https://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/guides/smart-meters-explained/

(2) Average saving is £100.47 based on the average estimated annual costs for new PAYM and PAYG Fairerpower customers quoted through the Fairerpower website, compared to their current supplier and tariff. Comparisons taken between 01/10/2016 and 31/12/16. Incl VAT.

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